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The Road to Freedom

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The Road to Freedom
Nov. 10, 2022
(Translated by Qinyou and Edited by Peter)
The highest realm pursued by human beings is to obtain physical and mental freedom. Not being physically and mentally free is like being in prison.
Why do people want to make more money? Its core purpose is to gain greater freedom.
Why do people have to study hard? Its ultimate purpose is to gain more physical and mental freedom.
Everyone, who has worked hard all his life, is fighting for his own physical and mental freedom.
The question is, have they achieved physical and mental freedom throughout their life?
Can you go where you want to, associate with the opposite sex when you want to, say whatever you want to? Who has achieved it? No one. The presidents cannot, billionaires cannot, experts, scholars and professors, followers of any religion, none of them can, not to mention the general public.
What is the problem? Why has not a single person achieved physical and mental freedom in their entire life for thousands of years?
There are eight factors that prevent people from obtaining physical and mental freedom, namely: country, money, marriage, family, kinship, government, debt, and ego.
As long as there are countries in this world, no one can be free.
As long as there is money in this world, no one can be free.
As long as you enter marriage, the special relationship between both sexes, don't expect to be free again.
As long as you revolve around family, the most basic production relationship in society, you will never expect to be free for the rest of your life.
As long as you have parents, children, siblings, and other relationships, you will not have freedom of mind and body.
As long as there is a government that controls you at all times, no one can be free.
As long as you owe debts of gratitude and financial debts, don't even think about gaining physical and mental freedom.
As long as you are stubborn and always think you are right, you will not achieve freedom.
Isn't this making people feel hopeless, desperate and miserable? Think about it this way, no matter how hard we try, no one can reach the highest realm of physical and mental freedom.
Why do the vast majority of people go to some kind of religious belief?
When people cannot get physical and mental freedom in reality, they can only seek spiritual comfort in religion, to anesthetize their fragile and sad nerves, and to live a miserable and helpless life in hope.
In terms of conventional thinking, there is no possibility that the country, money, marriage, family, kinship, government, debt, and ego will disappear from the world. No one in their right mind can accept the disappearance of these eight factors, even emotionally. However, it is precisely because people are too rational and pay too much attention to affections that no one has achieved true physical and mental freedom for tens of thousands of years. People cannot imagine how they would live if these eight factors disappeared. For example, if there is no country, who will protect my safety? What’s the point of having a life without parents and children? Who will be responsible for the normal operation of society without the government? Without money, what can I use to exchange for the goods I need with others? And so on. It's hard to imagine how human society would operate and develop in an orderly manner without these eight factors, and ten thousand "what to dos” will come to mind.
Nothing is ever impossible which not yet been realized or transformed by thinking.
On my way to make people completely gain physical and mental freedom, I entered 20 worlds in the realm of time and space that are superimposed, intersected, have clear boundaries that are interconnected, and found that there are no factors such as country, money, marriage, family, and kinship in the Thousand-year World, which is the closest to human life, but the people who live there have a beautiful life with complete freedom of body and mind. I wondered if I could copy the life mode of the Thousand-year World to the human world, so I created a brand-new production and life mode which is completely different from the traditional life mode. I call it "the Second Home". This second home life mode has been going on for 13 years since April 2009, and 95% of those who have lived this way have been happy with this way of life. It turns out that, even if factors such as country, marriage and family disappear, human beings can live a lifetime in the highest realm of life with freedom of body and mind.
Can the partial success prove that the Second Home model works in the world?
In theory, it totally works.
In practice, it needs to be confirmed experimentally. I have lived in Asia for decades, Africa for more than ten years, America for more than five years, and a few months with the indigenous tribes of Australia. In the recent five years, I have been in close contact with more than 2,000 people from Europe and have had superficial exchanges with most of them. I have also had deep contacts and exchanges with the Konohana family in Japan. I have visited two communities in Canada as well and have conducted in-depth exchanges with them. My feeling is that the new life of human beings - the second home mode, works all over the world.
What I am convinced of is that if human beings are not eliminated by nature, the future production and life mode of human beings will be the second home model. This is the only way for everyone to obtain physical and mental freedom.
The conclusion is that the new mode of life for mankind, the Second Home, is the road to freedom.


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