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Lifechanyuan International Family Society Crowdfunding Proposal

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Lifechanyuan International Family Society Crowdfunding Proposal


To Those Seeking a Secure Future Life!
The Lifechanyuan International Family Society is a non-profit organization registered in British Columbia, Canada.

We intend to create a community in Canada capable of accommodating 300 people, tentatively named "Spring Lake Home." The location has already been selected, and the images below depict it. Located in the Cariboo region of British Columbia, Canada, it is nestled by mountains and waters, surrounded by green hills and clear streams. The land covers 596 acres. On this land, we plan to raise chickens, pigs, and cows while creating an environment resembling a paradise, making it a globally acclaimed ideal living destination.

The essence of "Spring Lake Home" is the Second Home created by Lifechanyuan. The establishment of the Second Home has been ongoing for 16 years (starting from the first community established in Zimbabwe). You can find extensive written descriptions, images, and videos by searching for "Lifechanyuan" or "生命禅院" on YouTube or by visiting the Lifechanyuan Chinese website (If you search with Chinese, it displays more contents). Due to misunderstandings and lack of understanding from the Chinese government, the 12 communities we built in China were destroyed. Currently, the Second Home exists in Thailand, Canada, South Korea, and Konohana Family, the member of our united family alliance in Japan.

The goal of the Second Home is to change the traditional production and life mode of humanity. Without changing the traditional model, natural disasters will occur in a cascading, repetitive, and increasingly severe manner. In the end, perhaps within 10 years, humanity may face an inescapable catastrophe or even an unprecedented crisis. In reality, it is impossible and too late to change the traditional production and life mode globally. Therefore, we aim to build a 300-person community in Canada, which is culturally diverse and inclusive, allowing these 300 people to survive the impending challenges and provide a completely different model of life for others. This will enable the remaining humanity to thrive for a thousand years, living a heavenly life on Earth.

Due to the destruction of the 12 picturesque communities we once built, our financial resources have been depleted. Currently, we can contribute two million Canadian dollars from our own resources, but we still need an additional two million Canadian dollars to initiate the construction of Spring Lake Home. Therefore, we are seeking assistance from those who are willing to contribute to ensuring a secure future.

If you have the financial means and aspire to live in the Second Home, this is a rare opportunity to change your life trajectory. In the foreseeable future, everything owned by individuals will turn into nothing. By supporting the construction of Spring Lake Home, you are transforming your possessions into treasures and leaving yourself a path to a splendid future.

This is the first and final crowdfunding initiative by Lifechanyuan. Once we raise two million Canadian dollars, we will no longer require additional funds. Even if someone wants to donate mountains of gold and silver, we will not accept a single penny.

In this crowdfunding campaign, contributions range from a minimum of 200 Canadian dollars to a maximum of 2 million Canadian dollars. The rewards for contributors are as follows:

u Contributors of 200 Canadian dollars: You can stay at Spring Lake Home for one week at any time after it has been under construction for a year (the same applies below), with free accommodation.
u Contributors of more than 200 and under 500 Canadian dollars: In addition to a free week-long stay, if you arrive at any time one year after the construction starts, we will organize a thank-you party for you.
u Contributors of more than 500 and under 1,000 Canadian dollars: You and a family member or friend can enjoy a free week of accommodation and a thank-you party.
u Contributors of more than 1,000 and under 5,000 Canadian dollars: You can stay for two weeks with free accommodation and enjoy a joyful party and games.
u Contributors of more than 5,000 and under 10,000 Canadian dollars: You will be given a Chanyuan celestial name and gain access to all internal information.
u Contributors of more than 10,000 Canadian dollars: You will be given the status of a Chanyuan celestial and can participate in all activities at Lifechanyuan.
u Contributors of more than 100,000 Canadian dollars: You can enter and stay at Spring Lake Home at any time, for as long as you wish, with all expenses covered.
u Contributors of more than 500,000 Canadian dollars: Spring Lake Home becomes your home, covering all your needs for the rest of your life, including food, clothing, shelter, transportation, and healthcare.
u Contributors of more than 1 million and under 2 million Canadian dollars: In addition to the benefits mentioned above, you will experience heavenly life in the Thousand-Year World.

All contributions will be used exclusively for the purchase of the farm.

Crowdfunding deadline: April 1, 2024.

If you are willing to contribute, please contact us by providing your name, address, contact information, and the amount of your contribution. You can reach us at:
Messenger group: Create 256 Second Homes
Telegram group: Create 256 Second Homes
WhatsApp group: Create 256 Second Homes

Contributions can be sent to:
Lifechanyuan International Family Bank Account:
Bank: Royal Bank of Canada
Account Name: Lifechanyuan International Family Society
Account: 04120 003 1008978
Account Address: 3719 Hwy 97 Lac La Hache BC Canada V0K 1T1
Lifechanyuan International Family PAYPAL Account: Paypal Account:

No matter how much you contribute, you will eventually exclaim, “Supporting Spring Lake Home in this lifetime is truly without regrets.” Opportunities to change the trajectory of one's life may come only once or twice in a lifetime. Seize this heaven-sent opportunity.

Director of Lifechanyuan International Family Society: Xuefeng
September 26, 2023


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