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Description: 1, Does the Second Home only belong to China? Do you have residents who come from overseas? Will you build new branches abroad?A: No, New oasis for life -- the Second Home does not belong to China or ...

1, Does the Second Home only belong to China? Do you have residents who come from overseas? Will you build new branches abroad? 

A: No, New oasis for life -- the Second Home does not belong to China or Chinese people, it doesn’t belong to any country, religion, political party or nation either. It belongs to the earth and all human beings.It’s not an organization, it’s a big harmonious family and a community that welcomes all people who are honest, diligent, kind, sincere and trustworthy from all around the world. At present we have a few residents from US, New Zealand living with us (they are native Chinese speakers). We also have chanyuan celestials who are now living in Canada and visitors from France, Switzerland, Germany, US, India and Thailand that had come or will come visit us. They like our community very much and always tell us that they’re happy and grateful having a very nice experience here. They can feel that the peaceful ,simple and happy life is attractive and the happiness and contention are flowing from deep of our members’ heart. Some of them decide to come back and live with us once they have the opportunity. We’ll set up new branches around the world in future, total 256 branches and then members will be transferred to a different branch every three years, where they can enjoy the beauty of experiencing our wonderful community life all over the world!

2, Q: There is no more traditional “family” in the Second Home. Husband-and-wife relationship pattern is broken automatically when the couple start living in the community, and they become independent of each other. ” I read this from your article A New Life Mode of Human Being Has Come Into Being, I’m wondering how does the Husband-and-wife relationship broke automatically when living in your community? Do you have couples in your community now and what did you do to make it happen that each of them will be independent and not attached to each other any more? Do they have to follow some specific rules?

A: All activities of the Second Home are open and made public to the whole society. Couples who want to join the community and experience this new life mode are encouraged to apply for chanyuan celestials together, thus once the other conditions are met, they can come live in the community. Lifechanyuan Values are support anyone who is chasing a happy, joyful, free and blessed life, so we’re not here to break their relationship by force,but to establish a harmonious relationship between people. So Love couldn’t only be shared between two persons or a small group of people, however, it must be shared among everyone in this big family. We have had several couples in our home since the community was established, and they knew our values quite well before they came, so they were prepared for converting the old relationship into a new one, which is a more trustful, free , happy and harmonious relationship between husband and wife, or partners.

We don’t have rules that require them to follow strictly, but narrow love for two or several people are not allowed in our community. If some couples can’t meet this requirement at the beginning, our guide will lead them and give them time to adapt and adjust. We study new articles of our guide and 800 values every Monday and Wednesday to make our consciousness ordered and keep a clear mind that we’re moving toward our ideal not the opposite way of it. Such study helps beautifying our soul garden too. The core values like removing the jealousy, complaint and anger are not only slogan, but for us to practice in real life. And only by practicing it entirely can our community a real pure and wonderful homeland. So far the results are quite good, many couples are living separately in three branches and they adapted it quite well and now live happily. We don’t apply traditional management method in our community because the most beautiful part of human nature can only be motivated through proper guide. If there are some people who can’t accept it or can’t realize this in their real life, our guide will suggest them to leave the community and go back to the secular world to continue their previous life. After all this community is founded for starting a new life mode and we won’t compromise on our core principles. At the same time we don’t want to force anybody if they really can’t reach the requirements. So make a suitable choice is the best way for each side. Mutual respect is very important. One of our most important principle is that everything is done based on personal will here, we don’t impose one’s personal will on anyone else, especially our guide or branch directors, they will never do that.

3.Q:All residents “own nothing but have everything”. All properties belong to everyone; individual no more own any property or money. ” Have you realize this entirely and do you practice any strict rules to make this happen? Are all members need to take out their money or property and give it to the community? How about the visitors?

A: Please see the answer of Question 6. It’s for residents of the community. Visitors or short-term living friends are not required to follow this principle. 

4,Q:Do you have members who are originally from one family and how do they get along with each other once join your community because you’re not supporting “the traditional small family” any more?

A: Yes we have some families with two or three generations together living in our community, from grandpa, grandma to the parents and the grandchildren. The transformation is mainly from the consciousness. They know that once they join the big family, they should treat everyone as their family member and no longer attach to or rely on their small family but should rely on the community. At the beginning they lived in the same branch when we only had one branch, later they’re separated gradually in three branches and they now have a more simple and harmonious relationship than they were in the secular world. The relationship between traditional family members is based on reliance and obligations, but here, everyone’s needs are taken care by the community, so there is no need to keep the old relationship. There is no need to worry for the old, no need to worry for the children or young people, the community will take care of them. Each member will share their love to everyone. On such basis everyone will grow and be independent, they would be able to devote themselves completely to the community, and rely on the Greatest Creator and the community for the wellbeing of themselves. In such process everybody’s soul garden is beautified and their consciousness is transformed and sublimated, therefore, a community without traditional marriage and family will be realized smoothly and achieved naturally without any pressure.


5. Q: “The nurture and education of kids, the care of the senior residents will be the pure responsibility of the community, which means that children are no more responsible for the wellbeing of their parents and vice versa.” Does this mean parents can’t keep a close relationship with their children and once the child is born,they need to be passed to the community? How do you implement this specifically?

A: The way our community works is humane.  After the babies are born, their mothers are responsible for the breast-feeding and the baby-caring and the community will provide any necessary support too. When they grow up till about 3 years old when the breast-feeding isn’t needed any more, they will be taken cared by the professional workers of the community. This is a big family so all children do not belong to their father or mother, but belong to the community. For parents joining the community together with their children, they can take time to adapt to this new lifestyle. Otherwise we don’t encourage the blood-based relationships which is too close between parents and children, because that’s not good for the independency of the children, also not good for the shaping of their character. We have professional teachers who are responsible for their daily life and education. We design the classes and have a home school for them to get knowledge in comprehensive aspects. This is better for their growth. Children in our community will have a healthy and happy childhood without any worries or fear, any pressure or trouble, they can just enjoy the happy time of living in this wonderful home and grow up as a new generation with a healthy and beautiful soul.


6,Q:“The main income of the Second Home comes from the donation of Chanyuan celestials. “All residents “own nothing but have everything”. All properties belong to everyone; individual no more owns any property or money. No one is treated specially.” So if a member wants to join the Second Home, how should he treat his money or property? Should he donate all of his money to your community or is this a must-meet requirement? How do you implement this in reality?

A: This is a good question. Yes our target is to build an everything-shared  community, therefore each member should “own nothing but have everything”. For new members that apply to live as a permanent resident (not a visitor or short-term resident) in our community, they have four options:

1), Leave their money or property in the secular world (give to their family or close friends etc).

2), Save your money in our “community bank”. We have our public accounts of the community and we can keep your bank card or accounts for you, of course we won’t use it, it’s just like make a deposit in a bank without interests.

3), Contribute your money to the community.

4), Combine the 3 ways of above.

In the community, we don’t use currency and members don’t own private money to buy daily things because our branches are far from the city and we have the purchaser to buy everything for the whole community including personal items. This ensures the relationships between members are simple and pure. Thus there is no ground for competition, jealousy or complaint like money, power or fame. There is no classes like the rich or the poor. We don’t force people to do this, but it’s the way to realize our ideal, so people may consider this before make their decision. Since we can save the bank cards for members, just like they have a deposit in our community bank, they can withdraw it whenever they need to use it to solve some special problems. We won’t change the vision of building up a prefect community in any situation, but we are flexible because the way of the Greatest Creator is the way of nature, which is no enforcement at all. 


7. Q: What’s the difference from your community and other Utopian or ecovillage spiritual communities? How can you be confident to say that you have the ability to promote your life mode to the whole world, establish 256 branches and get acceptance from all human beings?

A: Please refer to the article “the Utopia and the Second Home”.


8, Q: May I ask what is your source of income, because it’s not easy to support a large community, for example to supply food and clothes, to generate income for transportation, birth, sickness and taking care of the old and the young. Do you have your self-productive grain, vegetables, fruits and are they enough to feed the whole community? Do you have your business to sustain the community? From this aspect, what makes you confident that the community can be developed in a sustainable and promising way?

A:We’re walk on the way of the Greatest Creator, and the Greatest Creator is caring us at every moment. In the past four years, we started from a small building and practiced this new life mode, four years later we have three beautiful branches with plenty food and supplies for our daily life. We never worry about the future because we know the Greatest Creator is taking care of us and we’re diligent people who are working wholeheartedly to create our life needs everyday. Presently our source of income are mainly from the donation of chanyuan celestials, at the same time we plant vegetables, a lot of fruit trees, raising chickens and ducks to produce eggs. Also we’ll implement Permaculture this year. We have the best climate in China, we’ll create wealth mainly on spiritual and soul products and also some from farming such as organic fruits and vegetables. Our needs are simple because we’re coming for creating a new life mode for the whole human being, not for enjoying a comfortable life without contribution, so each chanyuan celestial works diligently everyday, and walks on the Way of the Greatest Creator, we have no worries and fear and we believe that everything is in the control of Tao (the consciousness of the Greatest Creator), by trusting Tao and doing job creatively, we’ll have everything we need and our future will be very bright and beautiful.


9. Q: Lifechanyuan values and the Second Home are all born in China, now from your info we know that most of the chanyuan celestials are Chinese including the community residents, so once there are more visitors from oversea come to your home, do you think they can fit in your life smoothly and happily? Will the cuture and language a big problem for communicating and mutual understanding? For example do you celebrate more festivals or holidays besides Chinese Middle-Autumn festival and Spring festival? Will you consider to celebrate the festivals from other culture or nations? When more and more people from different country,nation,race,culture and background come to New Oasis for life, will you create a wonderful and excellent healthy world-culture to make everybody feel like they are at their  home? How do you achieve that?

A:Yes most of the residents here are Chinese and their main language is Chinese. But we believe such situation could be improved fast in the Second Home. As chanyuan celestials are those who have an international view and heart. We know that although we live in the branches of China presently, but in the future we’ll go outside of China and live with Chanyuan Celestials from other countries and cultures. New Oasis for Life is for all people on the earth, country or culture can’t prevent people from chasing for the same  wonderful dream. Once there is no boundary in our mind, there will be much easier to exchange and get familiar, learn from each other. For example people in our community are studying English every week and happily expecting the chance to communicate and exchange with visitors from other countries. We have an open heart and open minded, so such problems can be solved smoothly and naturally.

Except that, we’ll be flexible to operate activities or celebrations, but such celebration will be commonly accepted by all cultures and not only for any special culture. By absorbing the essence of each culture and successful culture fusion, the worldly healthy beautiful culture is surly born and would be a fantastic beautiful flower blossom in the most nutrient soil.


10.Q: From your online articles, I know that the Second Home advocates and practices “free love”, at the same time there is an important piece of value says”Ladies are the first respected” and man shouldn’t take initiative in any situations trying to harass a woman. So can a man express his emotions to a woman he likes or loves? If yes, what’s the appropriate way to do it so that it will not been regarded as“harassment”? If not, such value could be a strict restriction for men since they even can’t express themselves  and thus how can their “free love” be ensured? Could you please explain this “free love” value both on a theoretic and realistic way?

A:Respect women is the virtue of a civilized society and a civilized man. From the statistics of United Nations, we know that every year there’s a lot  of cases of women’s hurt are still happening. Although such cases are resisting the Human rights advocated by UN publicly, It still can’t be prohibited because women are not protected enough and the unequal punishment make them afraid of speaking it out. Such cases are not contained today but in New Oasis for Life we won’t let it happen. In our community, the old, women and children are the first to be protected, include their body, spirit and soul, especially for women. As we can see women are relatively weak because of their body structure, thus in such a community where implements free love, we need to protect women first. A woman can take initiative to the man she likes, while any men can’t take initiative to a woman including expressing his strong emotions even he likes or loves her very much. From the surface you may conclude that men’s freedom is restricted by such policy, but men must understand that when a woman feels an entire secure and comfortability in a community where she won’t be harassed by any men, she will take initiative to the man she likes or loves. In Lifechanyuan values we call it “the fragrance will attract butterflies to flowers naturally”. If you’re an excellent man, ladies will like you and come to you. Therefore needn’t to worry about such problems and focus on improving yourself wholeheartedly, the situation will change and it will eliminate your doubts and worries naturally.

In addition, such principles are not suitable for a working or game occations, in such time, flirting or joking are welcome because it adds a lot fun and happiness of the community life. It’s done not between 2 persons, but are among a group of members. Thus this is a way to open our heart and show our deep nature to beautify the soul garden too. While men still can’t touch women’s sensitive body parts without the permission of woman. We should ensure that everybody are feel comfortable and happy in our collective life.

Tips for men:  Respect should be presented from your heart and not only shown by surperfacial words or behaviors. Women are smart and sensitive enough to distinguish whether you’re sincere or not very quickly.


11. Q:  Do you have any religious or spirtual activities in your community?

A: No, Lifechanyuan and its community the Second Home are not like a religion  or any political organization, and our community is more like a big family. Although we have a profound and systematic theory to guide our community practices and personal self-cultivation, we don’t do it in a religious or special spiritual way. We’re focusing on the consciousness transformation and the soul garden beautifying which is checked from the daily life not from any magic arts or religious ceremonies. There are no  temples or churches in Lifechanyuan.

“Our reverence and worship to the Greatest Creator are not represented in the form or on the mouth, but come from the inside. Loving LIFE, nature, self and others is equal to love the Greatest Creator.”

—— from No Church or Temple in Lifechanyuan

What we do is studing our guide’s new article or 800 values every Monday and Wednesday, this helps us to understand the values correctly and deeply, as well as prompting us to practicing it in our daily life and beautifying our soul garden.




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